Straight Edge Kegger is a movie inspired by the punk scene that most of us grew up in as well as the GRINDHOUSE flicks that have continued to inspire us well into our late-20's. But don't fret, boys and ghouls. The aesthetic will be much less destroyed on the feature than in the proof-of-concept trailer -- we'll probably just keep the destroyed version to watch by ourselves 'cause we're cool like that.


AND ON THAT NOTE: The proof-of-concept trailer was meant to be just that. The actors in the trailer are NOT who we have planned for the feature -- including Jason Zink who would prefer to stay behind the lens.


Punk is something that we've always tried to incorporate in our flicks, here at Weird on Top Pictures. From our Mohawk logo to our soundtracks, the DIY ethos and DAMN THE MAN mentality permeate all that we do. This film intends to be a culmination of all of those tendencies and we hope to do justice for both straight edgers and partiers alike! 


Who're the guilty parties?


Over the years, we've been lucky enough to meet a lot of really talented people. Putting those connections to good use, we've assembled a dream team of brilliant minds and funny peeps to be a part of our project. 

Here's some of our lineup:













Tim Gick (of TV Ghost fame) plans to create the best damn Carpenter inspired synth score that you could ask for! Try to imagine if Disasterpiece had a baby with Goblin! If you check out the original trailer, you'll hear what we're talkin' about!








A very special thanks to Craig Tribble of Low Class Gallery who designed these killer buttons for us! Craig is a process artist with a sick sense of humor and a love for horror flicks. Naturally -- we get along just fine. Check out his Online Store to see some of the cool stuff he's servin' up!










When we released the mock trailer, our new friends over at The Hard Times dug the idea and plugged us on their antisocial media. Within a week, the trailer had right around 40,000 views and a whole bunch of shares and positive feedback. That was a huge motivator to us so ultimately -- blame them if you hate the final product.











Our close friends UGLYBoNES (and a good band as well) are more than happy to get bloody with us. They'll be one of the bands playing in the show and will definitely be featured on the OST (original soundtrack).

Check out their bandcamp if you don't believe us!